Almost 3 Years Later…

Well my last post was close to 3 years ago. I’ve been meaning to update, but life happens and gets in the way. I am finally doing this now as I recently saw a member of a Facebook group for the breed (Cane Corso) is just beginning their journey with osteosarcoma and about to have a tripawd. So seeing that obviously triggered some memories! ( I’ve reached out and told them about this site and how much it helped me 🙂 )

As I said that life happens, and it certainly does with my last post being in July 2017, I think it would be necessary to go back a few years…

In August 2003 I became an Aunt, my nephew Connor was born. A few years later, my nephew Gavin, and a few after that, my niece Caroline.

Gavin turned 10 years old June 4th, 2017. On August 20th, 2017…he passed away from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. In that same day I almost lost my niece, and my sister as well. I am forever grateful that things did not end as bad as they could have that day. This post isn’t about that though. Frankly I’m not ready to write that and this is about something else entirely. – the tipawd Doxie.

When I told my family in February 2017 that I was going to go forward with the amputation/surgery/chemo and not put her down, they all thought I was nuts. They all loved her but felt that it was just too rough of a road and that I should just put her down. They were acting out of love, so I do not resent or judge them for it.

Back up a few months to October 2016 – I had a miscarriage. I couldn’t save my baby but now, a few months later, I had the option to save my fur baby. So I did whatever I could to not loose her as well.

After my Doxie (the dog) had her amputation, my mom stayed at my house during the day to watch Doxie and often had my Niece and Nephews with her. They would keep her company, make sure she didn’t mess with the incision, and that she got around on her new “3 legs”. They would do favors for me and my husband while watching her like doing the dishes, vacuuming, and laundry. They would often leave me notes for when I came home from work about how Doxie did during the day while I was gone.

When Gavin passed away, Doxie was still there, she gave my mom so much comfort during that time. I truly feel she was destined to live through that time in our families life to comfort us. A dog is undoubtedly selfish in what it brings to our lives. And Doxie made sure we made it through that time.

Doxie crossed the rainbow bridge March 3rd, 2018, one year, almost to the day of her surgery. I do not regret one moment or expense in keeping her around for that year. She helped my whole family through the most difficult time in our lives.

Thanks everyone! This website is “pawsome” 🙂


***I received Doxie as a rescue when she was 2 years old





3 thoughts on “Almost 3 Years Later…

  1. Ohhhhhhh my dog. Wow. I’m sitting here in a puddle of emotions, not quite knowing what to say but feeling so much gratitude that you thought of returning here to share the rest of Doxie’s journey with us, and your family’s. THANK YOU so so much.

    My heart aches for all that you and your family have endured. Gavin’s loss was unimaginable. Life is unbelievably hard sometimes. I wish I knew why or had more eloquent words to express my heartfelt condolences.

    Meanwhile, your sweet Doxie was a miracle of her own, a big loving sweetie pie who had nothing but kindness and joy for everyone around her. What a gift to have her to keep your family together during the worst of times. She did her job well, and to this day I have no doubt that she is doing it from the Rainbow Bridge. Your big, furry angel is never far away.

    I cannot thank you enough for thinking of us and writing a “conclusion” if you will, to Doxie’s story. Many people have told us that they become so sad when they don’t know how a Tripawd ended up doing after amputation. By taking time to share Doxie’s victorious, glorious year after amputation, you have given hope to many, many people for years to come. Our lives are so busy these days, and it speaks volumes about who you are by writing this post. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    We hope that life is being good to you and your family, and that you are surrounded by more earthbound furry fluffballs today. Keep in touch.

    1. Jerry, I’m glad that even if only two people read this post, that you did. I can’t say enough how much this site helped me and my husband through the whole “becoming a tripawd parent” so to speak. With my absence from this site over the last few years, it only reinforces the fact that you and everyone who volunteers their time on this site to help guide people through a very hard time in their life, is nothing short of amazing. A lot of you have lost what brought you here in the first place, and the fact that you continue to come back and help people is extraordinary. THANK YOU for all that you and all the staff/volunteers do at You all are my heroes 🙂

  2. This is so sweet . So special learning about Doxie. Though I never started a blog through this site and visit it less since my furbaby’s passing, it helped me a lot during those times. Such a great community.

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