Sores on Paw Pads….

Since she’s hopping around more and more I just noticed she seems to be developing sores on the pads of her feet on remaining rear leg. When I noticed them 2 days ago I rinsed her feet off with water and put some neosporin on the sores and coconut oil on the other areas and other feet pads.

We still have snow up here right now and a lot of puddles with icemelt so I’m sure that was drying out her pads really quickly and they already look better today, before they were pink and red 🙁

Anyone else run into this happening on a regular basis and any advice on how to prevent it? I’m not looking forward to trying booties, I don’t think she will take well to them. I have heard people using balloons to cover the feet (and mostly give traction on slippery floors) so I might give that a shot before investing in some booties and see if she will tolerate that at all first.

Here is what they look like today, healing somewhat well:

Sores on her rear paw

4 thoughts on “Sores on Paw Pads….

  1. Ohhhh my goodness! Doxie is A D O R A B L E!!! Just freaking C U T E! As for the booties, many folks love them and swear by them but there are some who also say that anything that lessens direct contact with the ground makes it MORE difficult for a dog with mobility challenges. I have no idea as we have not had to try booties. I think there is a spray that can be used for more traction but would be hesitant to put it on a foot that has any wounds so…sorry, no help here:( There are plenty of folks though who will chime in with much better advice:) I hope Doxie’s foot gets better but, gosh, did I mention Doxie is adorable?!?!?

  2. Hi! I have a front leg tripawd, and we haven’t dealt with sores much, but we do put a musher’s cream on when she’s laying down. Are you in Alaska? If so, I am too!

    1. I am! Anchorage 🙂 I just ordered some socks and the mushers cream, should be here in a few days 🙂 Until then I put a newborn baby sock on her back paw to keep it as clean as possible and it stays on surprisingly well!

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