More Blood Work

Had more blood work done today, and WBC & platelets are up to normal levels so we are on for the 2nd chemo treatment for Monday the 24th! Doxie had been doing great and running around like crazy, we can’t wait for all the snow to finally be gone from the yard so we can really see what she can do!

Only issue is she has a few spots on her foot pads on her remaining rear leg that look like abrasions of some kind. I started rinsing off her feet (lot of icemelt in the puddles everywhere up here so they can really get dried out) and rubbing a little coconut oil on the other pads and a little neosporin on the pads with the sores. Hoping we won’t have to go to booties of some kind because that will be a whole other adventure in itself!

On the way to get blood work done! 4/18/17

4 thoughts on “More Blood Work

  1. Way to rock that blood work Doxie!! 🙂 Keep those good results coming!

    Ugh! Snow needs to go away!!! Yeah, I’m sure the constant wet, the ice melt, etc all are playing a role in her sores. I see on the forums you’ve gotten some good insight. And what you are already doing sounds good too!

    Keep us posted on the lovely Doxie!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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