Blood work

Doxie had her first blood work today 1 week post her first chemo treatment. Her white blood cell counts are lower than what they were the morning she started chemo, and so are her platelets but that was to be expected. She will have her blood work done every week while on chemo to monitor everything so we can adjust (if necessary) when her next chemo session will be but we are still on track for a treatment every 3 weeks, 6 treatments total. 5 more to go! She’s in great spirits and we are enjoying happy pain free time together 🙂

Amy & Doxie <3

Making sure the naps get done at work 4/7/2017

4 thoughts on “Blood work

  1. DOXIE, YOU ARE STUNNING!!! You are such a beautiful, beautiful gal!!

    There is a theory floating out “somewhere” in all the research that a lower WBC actually indicates the chemo is working! I don’t remember the science behind it or if it’s even valid.

    So glad she is resting comfortably and beginning to enjoy being pain free! And it gets better and better!

    Stay connected and let us know how the beautiful Doxie is doing! With pictures of her pretty self too! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. What a great update! Yeah the lower white blood cell counts are pretty normal and as long as your vet is on it, that’s all that matters. She’ll knock down that next session and all the rest in no time at all. We’re sending you healing thoughts and lots of love!

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